Avengers-End Game has been the recent craze these days. From the balloon-wala selling Black Panther and iron man figurine-games to your 50-year old boss discussing the ‘End-Game’, it has been over everyone’s head off late. Apart from the ultimate level of fiction (although busted) and excellent effects, Avengers have more to offer. If you are someone who can read between the lines, you must have understood it already, for the rest of you, this may provide a new angle to look at things. Anyhow, this is going to be a fun read;

Take the example of Black Panther here, his parents were excellent estate planners and conservative investors. BP inherited an estate worth 90.7 trillion dollars (which is hell lot) to which he was exposed timely or if I can say, early. Due to this, the prince of Wakanda, the Black Panther, never had a second thought about his or his kingdom’s financial sustainability.
His parents preserved the estate and capital well which ensured a secured future for their son and the kingdom.

Had Tony Stark been playing an investor’s role in Avengers, he would have been up for some heavy losses. This man does not know the term diversification. Investing in diversified funds is very important to cushion your investments from market risks. Tony developed his armor’s versions which were three in number, three same things with the same technology, same short-comings, same outcomes- Bad Idea!

This is something very obvious. The ‘size-me-at-your-own-will’ suit of ant man is an excellent example stating the importance of size. Ant-man possesses a shrinking suit which empowers him to penetrate, similarly smaller investments through SIPs come very handy when you do not have lumpsum investments to make.
Penetrate into the investment market with those 5000 bucks which you save every month and be a smart investor.

Remember everyone telling Captain to unfriend Winter Soldier but Cap had his belief vested in Bucky. This is very important which dealing with your money. Having faith improves your investment sustainability, it motivates you to hold on to that long-term investment or keeping that SIP going.
Clearly define your basics and fundamentals and then believe in them no matter what.

Recall the line Stephen strange’s friend Palmer used to say him regarding his spending habits. Dr. Strange post his car accident spent gorgeously on the treatment of his hands and other business he used to take care of. He spent the money he did not even possess (Loans, debt, etc) for an emergency he never prepared for. Do not be like Stephen Strange, foresee your life ahead and plan for the upcoming emergencies, plan for the ones you cannot foresee as well. Life is unpredictable so can be emergencies, save your funds for such rainy days.

The main reason behind Thor’s failure was his ignorance of the ground facts. He believed in his sister and her powers blindly which led his to over-estimating her powers. Doing sound research and homework is of utmost importance before you make any life-altering decisions like investments. Look at all the possible options and then chose the one which suits you best. Be flexible with your approach, do not limit the resources to one particular stream or genre, explore and research and then chose.

He is the impeccable avenger with the perfect combination of bold and brain. But there is something even this guy misses onto, that is a Balance. Whenever any one of these two qualities outweighs other, there is a Bang!

Balancing is an important aspect when it comes to life, decision making and even when you deal with your money. Too much of anything is harmful, even investment. Try and maintain a balance between your expenses and savings and reap the benefits of a balanced equation. Do not hesitate if you need expert help, try Piggy Premier.

While you are still planning which fund or type to invest in, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of investment and the main reason you are doing so. There are people who invest to create wealth, some do it to set aside emergency funds, some do it to save for the things they wish to accomplish like a vacation or a home or car, etc, whatever it is, be vigilant with your investments and put these lessons into actions.

Start Investing, Smart Investing!

Image credits: Engadget

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