Let us begin with understanding the meaning of the term Aadhar- basis!
The govt of India in the year 2016 initiated the scheme of laying down the basis of all transactions we do in the day-to-day routine. Aadhar is basically a unique identification provided to every Indian against his/her citizenship in the country. The basic objective of this scheme was to provide transparent and just governance for every citizen of India.

To apply for and be able to possess an Aadhar card, a person must be;
o A resident of India including minors and new-borns. For children below the age of 5 years, there is a provision of Baal Aadhar card. Once the child attains the age of 6 years, a new card needs to be issued.
o People (NRIs and Foreigners) staying in India continuously for 12 months are also eligible for Aadhar card.

POA and POI are the two types of documents required for Aadhar. POA stands for Proof of address and POI stands Proof of Identity. Following are the valid documents under POA and POI;
1. Ration card
2. Passport
3. Driving license
4. Voter card
1. Pan card
2. Birth certificate

Applying for Aadhar has been made easy through an online process, just follow these five simple steps
Step 1: Go to the official UIDAI website and look for the nearest Aadhar Enrollment Center
Step 2: Fill in your credentials in the enrolment form
Step 3: Submit the necessary documents as required
Step 4: Provide with your biometrics like iris scan (eye scan) and fingerprints.
Step 5: On successful submission, collect the enrollment acknowledgment slip
Note: There is no fee for Aadhar enrollment.

The Aadhar cards made for children up to the age of 5 years are called Baal Aadhar cards. The main difference between a Baal Aadhar and Adult Aadhar card is that biometrics are not scanned in case of Baal Aadhar. A Baal Aadhar stays valid only up till the child is 5 years of age.

Follow these steps to enroll for Baal Aadhar
Step 1: Go to the UIDAI website and look for the nearest enrollment center
Step 2: Since the Baal Aadhar has linked to the parent’s Aadhar it becomes mandatory for one of the child’s parent to provide with their Aadhar number for linking the child’s Aadhar.
Step 3: Fill in the credentials in the Baal Aadhar form along with a mobile number you wish to be registered against the Baal Aadhar.
Step 4: A Baal Aadhar does contain the photograph of the child which will be taken then and there. No biometrics would be scanned or recorded.
Step 5: Once the above steps get complete, make sure you collect the acknowledgment slip.
Step 6: Before the dispatch of Baal Aadhar card on the provided address, a verification SMS is sent to the registered mobile number. The dispatch is done only after the verification is complete.
Note: Make sure you have the child’s birth certificate handy. It would be required as a necessary document.

Aadhar card status can be checked with the following steps:
1. Log in to UIDAI website
2. Go to Aadhar enrollment tab and click ‘Check Aadhar Status’
3. Enter the acknowledgment number as provided on the slip.
4. The status of your Aadhar will be displayed.

Receiving the physical copy of Aadhar card may take some time. Meanwhile, you can download the e-copy of your card from the official website on successful enrollment. Simply go to the UIDAI website and log in to your Aadhar account. Just download or print your e-Aadhar from there. The e-Aadhar is also valid everywhere.

With the change in demographics (marriage, age, place, etc) and biometric data, the user may want to update the credentials in his/her Aadhar card. To be able to update the details, supporting documents are required for both POA and POI.
You can update the details by simply logging in to the official UIDAI website.

in most of the cases, Aadhar authentication is mandatory. It is a method of verification where the Aadhar credentials of an individual are verified against the ones provided at the UIDAI website which enables cardholders to be able to avail benefits and services. Following are the benefits of Aadhar e-KYC;
1. It is secure as UIDAI follow strict measures to ensure the confidentiality of the data.
2. It is paperless
3. It is quick as everything is digital
4. It is cheap as well as environment-friendly
5. It requires your consent before sharing any data with the service provider.


Q1. What things do I need to keep in mind before/ while filling the form?
1. Filling all credentials are necessary
2. A registered mobile number is necessary to receive and make any changes and updates.
3. Only capital letters are allowed while filling the form
4. The details should be up-to-date
5. Make sure to provide an updated and complete address as the dispatch would be made on the same address.
6. Attach all relevant supporting documents
7. Application might get rejected in case of incorrect details and information.

Q2. What to do if I lose my Aadhar card?
In case of lost or misplaced Aadhar card, simply login to the official UIDAI website and download the e-Aadhar card.

Q3. What is the validity/expiry date of Aadhar card?
Aadhar is a lifetime validity card. It stays active till the card bearer is alive.

Q4. Can I get my Aadhar made online?
No, Aadhar enrollment cannot be done online. Since the biometric recording is necessary, the applicant needs to be physically present.

Q5. Why do I need an Aadhar card?
Aadhar card serves as a unique identity card for almost all your transactions. It is valid as POA, POI in case you go for things like opening a bank account, wish to access government subsidy, filing ITR, etc.