There has been a lot of hype about markets soaring and gold roaring in the past few months. While the occasional gold buyers were in disagreement with it, consistent gold investors enjoyed a gala time in trading gold for their choicest numbers. With returns as high as 20%, it is a golden period for gold investors. These returns have even surpassed the benchmarks of Nifty and Sensex giving the investors all the reasons to invest in gold.

Around the corner is Diwali which means Dhanteras is also approaching which is the day to buy gold for all auspicious reasons. This means there are cultural beliefs backed by strong numbers to buy gold this Dhanteras. The difference is huge with Nifty at 7.36% and Sensex at 8.96%, gold has blessed the investors with the enormous wealth build-up and a legacy to carry forward.

Dhanteras itself means an auspicious day to welcome Goddess of wealth, Maa Lakshmi by buying the metal symbolic to her, gold. Believed to be a symbol of fortune for traders, businessmen, and every other individual, buying gold and other precious metals is a tradition Indians follow on this day. 

With Piggy, you can not only buy gold sitting at home but also a gift and get it delivered to your loved ones that too at a too-good-to-miss price. With 2% cashback on every purchase, you can share a portion of your love with a gold coin delivered at the doorstep

Here are a few reasons why should you buy digital gold with Piggy this Dhanteras;

  1. Exceptional returns
    From the investor’s point of view, gold has proven to be the most highly rewarding investment types. Be it stocks, real estate, mutual funds, fixed deposits, recurring deposits or NPS, the returns that gold has generated are unmatchable. This has made gold become investor’s favourite these days and there is no looking back for quite some time. Gold has generated returns above 20% in the past three quarters and is looking ahead only.
  2.  Easy breezy gold
    No hassle to go to people laden, jam-packed markets this festive season. Simply log in to your piggy account, go to the gold page and your gold coin is just a clock away. You can choose from the variety of weights available like 1 gm, 5 gm, 10 gm, etc.
  3. 24 Carat pure gold
    We assure you of the purity of gold coins we are offering. These are made from 24-carat pure gold without any amalgamation of alloys as the local jewellers do. There is a purity certificate to assure the same.
  4. Cheaper than the market
    The gold coin you buy from piggy is cheaper than the market rate as you will get assured 2% off on every purchase. Although 2% may seem a little less but imagine when you buy in bulk, it is not less than a lottery.
  5. No security issues
    When you buy digital gold, there are no concerns about safety and security. Your gold is secure in the form of binds and can be converted into physical gold with just a click. And to add to it, the same physical gold will be delivered to your doorstep.
  6. No storage concerns
    Another advantage of buying digital gold is that you do not have to worry about the storage of it. Generally, people rush to get lockers in banks to safeguard their gold and other precious jewellery but with Piggy’s digital gold you can invest in gold in a completely hassle-free manner and need not worry about its storage.
  7. Buy gold with as low as Re. 1
    No, we are not kidding. You can actually buy gold with as low as Re. 1 being the initial minimum investment. You can increase the amount gradually by simply logging into your Piggy account.
  8. Easy conversion
    Converting your digital gold into physical gold simple as a click. Just log in to your Piggy gold account and click the conversion option. The physical gold of the same value as your digital gold will be delivered to the registered address in the form of coins or bars.

This Diwali, step forward and go digital with Piggy’s Diwali- Dhanteras offer of 2% cashback on every gold purchase and make your loved ones feel special. Not only to others, but this is also a golden opportunity to pamper yourself with an investment that is deep-rooted in our culture and knows no bound when it comes to returns.