Piggy Referral Program

We have launched a new referral program which is one of a kind. You will not only get rewards for referring your friends but you can also increase your earning on each referral by activating boosters (explained below). Let’s get started…

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RBI Monetary Policy Highlights

The Six-member Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) revealed the fourth bi-monthly policy review on Friday. The RBI slashed the repo rate, also knowns as the short-term lending rate, by 25 basis points (0.25%) for…


5 reasons why planning your finances is a must

    Planning finances has been amongst the top rated ‘toughest jobs’ of all times. People ignore till the last moment planning their finances and then lightning struck and it all gets burned. Before any such extreme situation arises, it…


ARN CODE- All you need to know

  WHAT IS ARN CODE? ARN stands for AMFI Registration Number which refers to a unique code given to every mutual fund seller, broker, agent or intermediary. The intermediary party has to abide by all the terms and conditions as…


9 best savings schemes offered by Indian Post Office

Post offices after banks are the most trusted institutions in India as far as savings are concerned. Additionally, they offer better interest rates to customers and guaranteed returns as well. So if you are a typical Indian investor who is…


6 money lessons from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

There would rarely be any person who does not know about FRIENDS. Be it the “How’ya doin?” or the famous phoebe’s music, there are so many things FRIENDS has legendary to itself. Plus, there would so many hands-raise to the…

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Markets in a Free Fall

The Indian Markets in July 2019 faced the hardest fall in 17 years with both major benchmark indices Sensex and Nifty falling 4.86% and 5.68% respectively. In 2002, the Sensex dropped close to 8% whereas the Nifty had fallen nearly…


The 15*15*15 Rule

    After we discussed about the rule of 72 , here we are with the next investment rule, the rule of 15*15*15. While the rule of 72 tells you how long it will take you to reach your target corpus,…