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How to Deal with Loss-Making SIPs?

Investments are a 50-50 game, the same investment which may prove to be the genie’s magic lamp can also behave like Pandora’s box. Experts say that in the long run, risks and losses get averaged out while you invest through…


All you need to know about Cancelled cheque and its uses

Amongst the various instruments available in the market, cheques are the most popular ones. They are a traditional method of banking and making money transactions. With the technological advancements and upgrading of the systems, people now days prefer using the…

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Banking in India- Types of Banks

Banking is no new term to anyone be it homemakers, salaried people, businessmen, farmers, students or any other profession. Especially the Indian homes are well connected with banks and banking. The banking industry takes care of the finances of a…

General, Investments

Life-Stage Saving and Investing

Saving is one thing that every Indian household embraces as a part of its culture and gets imbibed into our day-to-day routine. Realized or unrealized, each one of us starts saving for that favorite toy or dollhouse or sports watch…


URN and Aadhar Updates

What is URN? URN stands for Update Request Number which is a unique code allotted to you while you apply for changes or updates in your Aadhar details. The URN code is irrespective of the mode of the request which…


Supreme Court decision on EPF

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court changed the rules for the Employee Provident Fund (EPF). The court said that the Employers cannot separate the special allocation while accounting for Provident Fund (PF) contribution. In such a situation, it is very…

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