Index Funds

Index Funds


Celebrating your 50th birthday is one trendy thing. It is a milestone in so many ways and a landmark to strike. Most people by the age of 50 are at their career’s best phase with maximum earnings. but this phase…

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Key Factors for the Market Slide

Finance Minister Nirmala Sithraman presented the new Modi Government’s first budget and her first maiden budget on July 8th. BSE S&P Sensex opened on Monday at 39,891.19 and closed on Wednesday at 38,557.04, while the Nifty opened the week at…

top index funds
Index Funds

Top Index Funds in India

Index Funds are a category of mutual funds that imitate a market index. A BSE Sensex Fund will invest in stocks of the 30 companies appearing on the BSE Sensex in the same proportions. Index Funds are passively managed as…

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