6 pro tips to beat investment nervousness

However seasoned you may be, there comes a time when the investment nervousness gets a hang of you. this is not an indication that you are doing something wrong but only a behavioral aspect of the investor who gets nervous…


2 mistakes every investor commits

With the varied behavior market shows, many investors tend to show aggressive behavior which leads them into making impulsive decisions. Raj, an aggressive investor had a very active portfolio of about 10 funds most of which were small or mid-cap…

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RBI Monetary Policy Highlights

The Six-member Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) revealed the fourth bi-monthly policy review on Friday. The RBI slashed the repo rate, also knowns as the short-term lending rate, by 25 basis points (0.25%) for…


Are you an Investing Genius?

How many times have you attempted investing in the stock market or mutual funds and doubted yourself? There are several driving forces which influence your decision-making abilities as far as investments are concerned. Most of them are decision-altering and more…


Investment tips for Millennial Women

Someone once said women are stupid to think of themselves as equal to men, they are far superior. The fact that women are better multi-taskers, more emotionally intelligent and focus better on the broader picture is not much realized even…


The investment rules of 72, 114 & 144

People are filled with plenty of questions when it comes to investments and returns. The most asked question is “How long will it take for my money to be twice the amount?” or “where will my money be in two…



  We have heard so many times that half knowledge or half information is too dangerous. This applies to all types of information that comes to us directly or indirectly. Another important thing to consider while going for any information…


Investment and Saving: Where the difference lies

  Investment and saving have been used synonymously for a long time, people who do not follow investments by heart generally are seen quoting savings as investing and vice-versa. The two terms have been used interchangeably for a long time…

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