There are a number of American investors who wish to diversify their investment portfolio internationally. This can be done by purchasing shares of ADR which is American Depository Receipts. ADRs are shares which are traded on US Stock Exchange representing…

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Markets in a Free Fall

The Indian Markets in July 2019 faced the hardest fall in 17 years with both major benchmark indices Sensex and Nifty falling 4.86% and 5.68% respectively. In 2002, the Sensex dropped close to 8% whereas the Nifty had fallen nearly…


MPT & managing Investments during volatile markets

The investments in today’s times are resultant of the award-winning theory proposed by the famous economist, Harry Markowitz. His famous Modern Portfolio theory laid the grounds for the modern-day sophisticated strategies behind investments. Considered as the father of the modern-day…

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Key Factors for the Market Slide

Finance Minister Nirmala Sithraman presented the new Modi Government’s first budget and her first maiden budget on July 8th. BSE S&P Sensex opened on Monday at 39,891.19 and closed on Wednesday at 38,557.04, while the Nifty opened the week at…


Monsoon Investing: Tips for investors

With the 1st day of July, begins the wait for amazing weather, greener trees, pleasant breeze, and cheerful people; Monsoon. While some of the regions of our nation witness somewhat harsh monsoon conditions, for the rest of it, monsoon is…


6 Dividend Investing rules you must know

Dividend investing is the most preferred way of establishing wealth and a way of an effective source of income. While they come with a bagful of risks, the returns are much greater. Dividend investments are no tough game, but you…