7 market rules every investor must know

Every market has its rules and numbers written in books which people follow by heart and then there are some co-rules never written but pronounced, from generation to generation, hierarchy to hierarchy, investor to investor. They may not be polished…


Styles of investing- Growth and Value Investing

The investment industry attracts two different types of investors basis their style of investing. A smart investor always goes for a combination of investment avenues which provides cushion from the risks and reaps greater benefits with long-term investment. Investing in…

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DHFL Liquidity Concerns – Things one must Know

Dewan Housing Finance Corp. Ltd (DHFL) a non-banking finance company concentrated on housing finance has missed its 4th June deadline to pay interest on non-convertible debentures. Moreover, DHFL has also suffered multiple downgrades on its debt instruments. On 11th May,…


Investment lessons from Eid-al Fitr

Today is the last day of Ramadan, the month-long fast Muslims keep as a gesture of gratitude and prayer towards the lord. While a lot of us are busy preparing a feast for tomorrow or maybe helping out our Muslim…

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How to start investing with Rs. 100?

New Investors often fall for the myth that in order to start investing, they would require a sizeable investment. This may have been true in the early 2000’s, however, this does not apply to the current day and age. Investors…

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The power of compounding has lately been realized and used to utmost advantage by a niche segment of people. There are still so many of us out there who do not understand the power of compounding. In the words of…

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