Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds


  While you go for investing in mutual funds, you get bombarded with options. There is plenty of options in mutual funds which is across market capitalization, time period, risk profile, return profile and so many more factors. Generally, the…

Mutual Funds

Regular Vs Direct plan- Where the difference lies

In January 2013, Securities and Exchanges Board Commission of India made it mandatory for every Asset Management Company (AMC) to offer a way for its clients to invest directly into their plans, rather than only through a brokerage/agent. Recently, there has…

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Markets in a Free Fall

The Indian Markets in July 2019 faced the hardest fall in 17 years with both major benchmark indices Sensex and Nifty falling 4.86% and 5.68% respectively. In 2002, the Sensex dropped close to 8% whereas the Nifty had fallen nearly…

Mutual Funds

What are blue-chip funds?

What are blue-chip funds? Blue-chip funds are considered to be the superior most funds having high value as compared to other stocks. The term blue-chip is borrowed from the game of poker where the chip with the highest value is…

Mutual Funds

what are Gilt Funds?

What are Gilt Funds? The funds issued by central or state government having a fixed rate of interest are called Gilt funds. The money collected from investments through Gilt funds is used in improving the national infrastructure and other related…

Mutual Funds


During a bull market, it is imperative to be lured towards promising schemes and securities. Mutual funds remain no exception in such case. Bull markets attract extensive investments, a large part of which are un-thought of. Although investing is a…