How to become a smart investor?

Saving for future and life goals is one inevitable and necessary thing everyone must do. Off-late there has been a lot of hype about doing the smart work, the investment industry also appreciates the smart work investors put in, in…


How to beat overconfidence in investing?

Off-late there have been a lot of studies going around the behavior of investors. With the advancement of research came several facts and aspects of human nature and its effect on investing. The outcomes were recorded in the form of…


7 Tips to Identify a Loyal Financial Advisor

Of the so many important questions that you have to answer regarding your money and investments, one nearly topping the list is if you have hired the right advisor? It is very important that your advisor understands your long-term goals…


Sensex logs Biggest Gain in a Decade

Union Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman’s chain of announcements built around corporate tax was welcomed by Dalal Street with the country’s benchmark indexes – Sensex and Nifty 50, bouncing up to 38,014.62 and 11,274.20 respectively.  The ecstatic reaction to this news…


D/E Ratio or Debt-to-Equity Ratio

  What is the debt-to-equity ratio? When the firm’s total liabilities are divided by total shareholder equity, the resultant is debt-to-equity ratio. The liabilities and equity can be found in the balance sheets of any company. D/E ratio tells about…

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