Freedom is the act of being able to act at your own will. The liberty to do and say what you want to is freedom. Seldom do we realize the importance and existence of this freedom in our lives, only once it is breached or held back, we shout out to our independence. Majority of the people for one-third of their lives remain dependent on the earning member of the family for money and other basic necessities and later on when it comes the time to take care of one’s own self, it becomes difficult and taking. Financial freedom is a milestone not everybody achieves. There is a difference between earning money and being financially free.

Financial freedom
The term financial freedom is a combination of two wholly independent words: financial and independence. The free will to be able to do what you want to do and when you want to do irrespective of monetary reasons is financial freedom. It is not about being rich which is a very ambiguous term as different people have different numbers in mind that make them rich. Depending upon the needs of individuals and families, being rich is relative.
Financial freedom is what you attain when active income in your family (salaries) gets exceeded by the passive income (investments and savings). it curbs out the inevitable ‘Need’ for an active income and makes you financially free.

Becoming rich through financial freedom
‘Becoming rich is a rich’s game only’ is the biggest myth that needs to be busted for everyone. You do not need to start big or have a lump sum amount at hand initially to start with. Unless you are blessed to be born in such a family, becoming rich is a gradual process. It takes time for money to generate more money. What is required is Discipline, Dedication and a Plan.
Chalk out your life goals and plan out your major life events. Nothing which can be planned should come as a surprise to you. be it your own marriage or your child’s marriage, be prepared and save for it. Follow these two check-point rule:

Save before spend
The moment you receive your salary, first take out your savings and then spend what is left. Most people do it otherwise, they first spend and save what is left. This takes you nowhere. Automate your savings so that there is no escape.

Put money to work
Taking out savings is not enough. This is only half work done, what will grow your money is the investments you have involved your money in. while you work hard to earn that money make sure your money works hard too to grow itself. Investment in a mixed portfolio to take care of your long, short and mid-term needs.

How and where to start?
The most common questions investors have in mind is how do I start? Or where do I start? There are people out there who have a list of fixed expenses that eats all their money leaving no scope for savings. Start living frugally. See where can you cut; cable or eat out or costly internet plan or accommodation etc.
Calculate your monetary needs every 10 years keeping in mind the factor of inflation. Now is the right time you must start investing. Earlier the better. Do not wait for an opportunity to knock, start your SIP today and invest your money so that it grows itself with the power of compounding.
It may seem a bit difficult today but will become achievable as your income grows with time. Know what your means are and live within them.