Future is what we live in, be it a vacation plan or financial plan. Human beings are the only animals who have a tendency to think about things which are not happening at the moment. They either recall the past and introspect or plan the future and anticipate things. According to research by Harvard University, people do not focus on the present job and spend nearly half, 46.7% of the time to be exact in either thinking about the past or anticipating future. But we tend to forget that the future is a resultant of what we do in present. Having your own good time is a great thing to experience but that needs to be sustained and for that, the future financials need to be planned.
However, there are a lot of things we do in our daily life which hampers our growth and finances. Here is a list of 7 things you might be doing that will hurt your financial future;

1. Not Planning
A certain future definitely needs a plan. If you wish for a future that has all the luxuries you dream of, then you will need to work towards them. And for that, a plan is a must. Having a plan amplifies the focus and dedication many-folds and gives you the throttle to move towards your dream future.
Manifest your financial future and work towards it. If you don’t have one, make a budget or financial plan. Track your income. Track your expenses. Make that saving happen.
Having a realistic budget helps to realize financial dreams fast.

2. Holding Onto Past
“The past cannot be changed, the future is yet in your power.” Follow this saying and get over the past-good or bad. Although introspecting and reflecting upon the past to have learning is good but do not dwell on that past of yours. First, it brings about memories which at times can harm your mental health and secondly, you can’t change it anyways. Forgive, forget and get going!
Look ahead towards the future and how to brighten it. Make plans for investment and see your money grow. Learn from your mistakes and come back strong and wealthy.

3. Not Making Most of the Present
This is the biggest crime one can commit. Procrastination is the biggest enemy of humankind. Don’t set elephant goals, start small and act daily. Maintain the continuation and be productive every day. Fix one productive thing you have to do daily that takes you’re a step closer to your goal. Do not look of bigger results. Every day small achievements are more empowering.

4. Not Saving
Another big crime is spending even the last penny you possess. This is the worst habit one can cultivate or borrow from pears. Saving is the essence of life. Even your body saves useful vitamins and minerals from the food you eat and restores the bodily mechanism. These nutrients then improve the immune system guarding the body as external viruses or bacteria attack.
Same ways it is very important to save something from your income. Even if you are a high time foodie or a shopaholic, savings can sometimes seem a bit of a task to be done. But you have to do it and you must do it.
Develop a habit to save if not more, a tiny portion of your income and then you may spend the rest. This habit, in the long run, will help you in the rainy days and create a considerable amount of wealth for you.

5. Not Investing
If you do not have anything saved, there is no chance you can make an investment and if there is no investment that means there is no financial growth.
Even if you have some money saved and you have not invested it anywhere, that means your money is just parked safely, doing nothing, not growing itself. Investing puts your money to work to make more and more money. Yes, investments do bear some risks but nothing comes for free. Go for a long-term investment with SIP, this will average out the risks over the course of time. Try here Sip Calculator
Or you can go for a lump sum investment if you have that kind of money at disposal.
This investment yields far better results (around 7%) than your typical savings account 1-2% return per year.

6. Not Investing in Your Own Self
Being satisfied and complacent is both good and bad. It is good for mental health but bad for personal growth. There never comes a stage when one can claim I have learned everything. Be a life-long learner and become wise every moment. Build up your competency and see opportunities knocking at your doorstep. Be the best performer at work. See yourself growing with all the hard work you put in. Gain promotions, increments. Be smart enough to invest that increment every year or every quarter or whenever you get it. Choose a platform to invest through and save time for yourself. Try Piggy

7. Not Exploring
This is a generalized “Not Exploring” tab. You may be missing on the new idea you had last week or the new exhibition you wanted to go to or the new restaurant that opened last month and many more such things. Do not miss things because you are occupied with too much work. Do not stuff yourself. Make time for yourself and EXPLORE.
Venture into a new idea and start working towards it. This era is the era of innovation and new. Every idea is a good idea if it gets backed up by a sustainable plan and hard-working team. This will make you some side income and having a side income opens up many new doors. You can invest that money or you can use that money for a vacation or buy a new home or a luxury car and what not.

Every night before you go to sleep, thank the lord for what you have and introspect. Gauge yourself over a few parameters like productivity, mental health, physical health, and financial health. If all boxes are checked, have a good night sleep; if not, do not sleep without a plan to improve.

Try, try and you will succeed!