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7 market rules every investor must know

Every market has its rules and numbers written in books which people follow by heart and then there are some co-rules never written but pronounced, from generation to generation, hierarchy to hierarchy, investor to investor. They may not be polished…


11 lesser known facts about PPF

Amongst all investment avenues, Public Provident Fund is the most sought-after one. There are many reasons for it the biggest being its EEE status. EEE is short for Exempt-Exempt-Exempt i.e. the principal amount at the time of investment, the returns…

Mutual Funds

what are Gilt Funds?

What are Gilt Funds? The funds issued by central or state government having a fixed rate of interest are called Gilt funds. The money collected from investments through Gilt funds is used in improving the national infrastructure and other related…

US Stocks

Why should we invest in US Stocks?

The US stock market is home to some of the largest and robust companies with sturdy underlying fundamentals, who are poised to prosper despite the uncertain future. The market is comprised of a multitude of sectors which includes technology, energy…

Mutual Fund Basic

5 common fund types every investor should know

Most of us invest our money in mutual funds for capital generation or capital preservation. Different varieties of mutual funds offer different things but the ultimate goal of all investments is generating returns. The classification of mutual funds can be…


The Dream Team Mutual Fund Portfolio

To celebrate the World Cup festivities, we have curated a list of 11 Mutual Funds, or what we like to call it “The Dream Team Mutual Fund Portfolio”, which can help investors earn good returns until the next World Cup,…


Styles of investing- Growth and Value Investing

The investment industry attracts two different types of investors basis their style of investing. A smart investor always goes for a combination of investment avenues which provides cushion from the risks and reaps greater benefits with long-term investment. Investing in…

Personal Finance

5 Money myths you must avoid

No sphere of life gets spared by myths attached to it. Be it marriage, be it work, be it kids or whatever, money is no exception in the list. You talk to your grandmother or even your uncle, everyone has…