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The 15*15*15 Rule

    After we discussed about the rule of 72 , here we are with the next investment rule, the rule of 15*15*15. While the rule of 72 tells you how long it will take you to reach your target corpus,…

Personal Finance

Financial tips for women worth millions

Someone long back once said, “Women are foolish to claim that they are equal to men, they are much superior to men”. This stands true even today. There is nothing today left untouched by women. They are successful entrepreneurs, top…


MPT & managing Investments during volatile markets

The investments in today’s times are resultant of the award-winning theory proposed by the famous economist, Harry Markowitz. His famous Modern Portfolio theory laid the grounds for the modern-day sophisticated strategies behind investments. Considered as the father of the modern-day…


Goal Setting mistakes you must avoid

Goal setting is a crucial part of budgeting and personal finance. It not only eases the investment but also makes it easy to track the financial progress. The goals can be viewed as financial needs which then can be accomplished…

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