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5 reasons why planning your finances is a must

    Planning finances has been amongst the top rated ‘toughest jobs’ of all times. People ignore till the last moment planning their finances and then lightning struck and it all gets burned. Before any such extreme situation arises, it…

Mutual Funds


  While you go for investing in mutual funds, you get bombarded with options. There is plenty of options in mutual funds which is across market capitalization, time period, risk profile, return profile and so many more factors. Generally, the…


ARN CODE- All you need to know

  WHAT IS ARN CODE? ARN stands for AMFI Registration Number which refers to a unique code given to every mutual fund seller, broker, agent or intermediary. The intermediary party has to abide by all the terms and conditions as…

Mutual Funds

Regular Vs Direct plan- Where the difference lies

In January 2013, Securities and Exchanges Board Commission of India made it mandatory for every Asset Management Company (AMC) to offer a way for its clients to invest directly into their plans, rather than only through a brokerage/agent. Recently, there has…


The investment rules of 72, 114 & 144

People are filled with plenty of questions when it comes to investments and returns. The most asked question is “How long will it take for my money to be twice the amount?” or “where will my money be in two…



  We have heard so many times that half knowledge or half information is too dangerous. This applies to all types of information that comes to us directly or indirectly. Another important thing to consider while going for any information…


Investment and Saving: Where the difference lies

  Investment and saving have been used synonymously for a long time, people who do not follow investments by heart generally are seen quoting savings as investing and vice-versa. The two terms have been used interchangeably for a long time…