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3 Simple steps to attain Financial Freedom

With the running month of August, Independence is the theme that flows in the air. Independence in itself f holds various meanings for different people, for some it may mean taking their life decisions and for some even buying the…


How to become a smart investor?

Saving for future and life goals is one inevitable and necessary thing everyone must do. Off-late there has been a lot of hype about doing the smart work, the investment industry also appreciates the smart work investors put in, in…


How to beat overconfidence in investing?

Off-late there have been a lot of studies going around the behavior of investors. With the advancement of research came several facts and aspects of human nature and its effect on investing. The outcomes were recorded in the form of…


6 pro tips to beat investment nervousness

However seasoned you may be, there comes a time when the investment nervousness gets a hang of you. this is not an indication that you are doing something wrong but only a behavioral aspect of the investor who gets nervous…


2 mistakes every investor commits

With the varied behavior market shows, many investors tend to show aggressive behavior which leads them into making impulsive decisions. Raj, an aggressive investor had a very active portfolio of about 10 funds most of which were small or mid-cap…


Piggy Referral Program

We have launched a new referral program which is one of a kind. You will not only get rewards for referring your friends but you can also increase your earning on each referral by activating boosters (explained below). Let’s get started…

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