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2 mistakes every investor commits

With the varied behavior market shows, many investors tend to show aggressive behavior which leads them into making impulsive decisions. Raj, an aggressive investor had a very active portfolio of about 10 funds most of which were small or mid-cap…


Piggy Referral Program

We have launched a new referral program which is one of a kind. You will not only get rewards for referring your friends but you can also increase your earning on each referral by activating boosters (explained below). Let’s get started…

Personal Finance

Yes, Emergency Fund is a must!

If you are still in doubt over saving an emergency fund for yourself or think that the fund you saved for an emergency is lying waste, you are surely mistaken. Let’s not go far away, Jet Airways was a household…

General, Investments

RBI Monetary Policy Highlights

The Six-member Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) revealed the fourth bi-monthly policy review on Friday. The RBI slashed the repo rate, also knowns as the short-term lending rate, by 25 basis points (0.25%) for…


7 Tips to Identify a Loyal Financial Advisor

Of the so many important questions that you have to answer regarding your money and investments, one nearly topping the list is if you have hired the right advisor? It is very important that your advisor understands your long-term goals…


Are you an Investing Genius?

How many times have you attempted investing in the stock market or mutual funds and doubted yourself? There are several driving forces which influence your decision-making abilities as far as investments are concerned. Most of them are decision-altering and more…

Mutual Funds

5 biases you must avoid while selecting funds

Different people have varied opinions for investing, some have had a good experience and some bad and hence their opinions are varied. There is nothing wrong or right about having an opinion about things, most of us judge things based…

Mutual Funds

FD vs Short-term debt funds: Comparison

  Post these elections, when investors are looking forward to maximizing their returns, the FD rates of most banks is dangling below of 8 percent. Most of the investors think they are left with no choice but one savior in…

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