Corporate banking is the type of banking in which a business is involved. corporate banking provides with tailored banking solutions and services to businesses which are their clients. Corporate bankers often call themselves as relationship managers since they build up and manage relationships with corporate houses and help them run their daily operations by lending them a loan and other services.

SBI corporate banking
SBI is India’s largest bank having reach in the remotest of areas. A 15000-branch network supports the promising outreach of the bank and another 5 banks associated with it, further adds-on to the promise. There is a variety of services offered by the bank for corporate as well as retails customers. As far as corporate customers are concerned, SBI offers great support to them through its online banking for corporate called Corporate Internet Banking (CINB). CINB allows corporate customers to cater to their business needs online through internet banking.
SBI’s internet banking portal is OnlineSBI which offers two different banking options- PERSONAL BANKING AND CORPORATE BANKING. Through OnlineSBI you can access your bank account anytime, anywhere. OnlineSBI offers various features and services which are backed by high-end security features. These services include various roles like auditor, authorizer, admin, regulator, uploader and transaction maker.

The following functions can be performed through OnlineSBI:

1. Managing users, defining transaction rules and right for corporate accounts
2. Sign-on allows single access to accounts across several branches
3. Important documents and file can be uploaded regarding bulk transactions to tax collection authorities, sellers, suppliers, and third parties.
4. For online transaction enabling customers to transfer funds to own account, issue drafts and make payments to third parties across other banks.
5. Pay bills online
6. Corporate users based on their rights can cancel, modify, authorize and reschedule transactions
7. Generate account statements, request current balance and transactions details

Types of corporate banking accounts with SBI
There are 4 types of corporate accounts with SBI offering different features. These are:

1. SBI Khata
 Ease of information access
 Account inquiry rights
 Download and view account information
 Best for single user operation

 Ease of information access
 Account inquiry rights
 Download and view account information
 Accessible to all authorized users of the company

 Specially designed for MSME
 Best for single user operation
 Ease of use
 Account viewing rights
 Reschedule transactions
 set recipient level limits
 prepare DD request and tax transaction limits
 OTP security feature through SMS for fund transfer etc.

 Allows cyber payments, online transactions
 Facilitates business needs
 Facilitates best-in-class business style

 No geographical constraints
 Allows urgent financial decisions
 Support modern business decisions
 Over-all business product by SBI

Who can apply for CINB?
Any non-individual who may be a trust, a company, a single person, a small business, an institution, a government organization or a conglomerate can apply for an SBI CINB. Any company which maintains a bank account with SBI in any branch can make use of this facility.

How can you access CINB?
There are two ways you can do this:
1. Ask your respective branch to activate the service for you
2. Visit the official OnlineSBI website and select ‘Corporate Banking’ to get started.