By now most of us are aware of what SIP or systematic investment plan is and how it works. Just to brush up the concept while we process further, SIP is a method or way of investing in mutual funds which is smart, disciplined and convenient to the investor. A fixed investment amount is debited from the linked account of the investor (of course with prior permission) at regular intervals which may be monthly or quarterly or yearly. The biggest advantage of SIP is that the investor need not keep a watch on the market and remember the premium paying schedule. SIPs are automatic transactions when it is time for the upcoming installment or payment. The next question which arises is how to go about SIP and what decides the amount of investment to be made.

The simple answer to this question is the SIP Calculator. Depending on your financial goal, SIP calculator calculates the amount of investment you need to make for a certain time period in order to achieve that goal.

This brings us to the next question, what is a SIP Calculator and how does it work?
A SIP calculator is an online tool which allows you to calculate the right amount of periodic investment amount to be made in order to achieve the major financial goal. Check out your SIP at
It traces out for you the best-suited investment plan depending on your current income and future financial goals. It allows you to invest small starting from Rs. 500 and increase up to no limit. It gives you an estimate regarding the maturity amount and the time span required to achieve that.
Keeping in mind factors like maturity amount, return rate, etc., we have for you the following best SIP calculators available online;

This is an excellent SIP calculator which calculates the exact amount of your money invested over the course of time fixed. It is a free tool which also provides with the projected future value with a feature to adjust the return rate.

The highlighting feature of this calculator is that it provides with a feature of inflation planning as well. This is a free tool and allows adjusting the rate of return.

This is also a free tool which comes with the return rate adjustment feature. It allows you to calculate the inflation as well which is an optional thing. It comes with a really simple interface.

This online SIP calculator comes with sliding bars which are very easy to operate. a different number of monthly installments can be chosen using it. Rest it has the same features as all other SIP calculators.

It is also a free calculator which comes with the feature of an adjustable rate of return. It has many advanced features that allow an investor to make minutest changes in systematic investment.

The market volatility is not selective if it is there it is for one and all. This is one of the biggest reasons why people remain on the back foot when it comes to investments and mutual funds. SIP is one smart way of investing that if not eliminate, does reduce the risk factor in the long run. It stabilizes the portfolio and allows you to maintain a steady pace.
This also empowers the people who are not so familiar with all the protocols of investments domain to make reasonably sound investments and choose the folio which has been consistent over the years. It lets you start small and increase at your own comfortable pace and variation.

Although SIPs are best known to balance out Equity funds, the work in a full spectrum of funds. Both debt and equity funds can be invested in through SIP. Hybrid funds are also another option to have a mix of both types. The key is not to fall in the trap of SIP myths and keep investing as per your own good convenience. Read more about SIP myths at