Invest in ELSS and Save Tax

Don’t let taxes eat into your savings. Use Piggy today to save taxes and grow your wealth.
  • High Returns —
    Highest returns among tax saving instruments
  • Lowest Lock-in —
    ELSS has the lowest lock-in of 3 years
  • Easy & Quick —
    Save tax hassle free only in 2 mins
  • Dual Advantage —
    Generate Wealth & save taxes
  • Zero Paperwork —
    Do everything online without any paperwork
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Why should I use Piggy?
Start investing in less than 3 minutes in a completely paper-less manner. It’s completely Safe & secure, money moves directly from your bank account to fund houses and back without ever coming to Piggy’s bank account. There is no hidden commissions, no service fees, it’s truly free. Increase your returns by ~1% by investing in direct mutual funds through Piggy.
Direct Mutual Funds
Zero Fees
Higher Returns

Benefits of ELSS

Tax Benefits and Wealth Creation

ELSS provide dual advantage of tax benefits and Wealth Creation. It not only allows you to save taxes but also grow your money

Lower Tax on Capital Gains

Capital Gains on ELSS is long term due to 3-year lock-in period. Gains above Rs 1,00,000 in ELSS will be taxed lower when compared to short-term capital gains.

Lowest Lock–In Period

Better choice in terms of lock-in period as compared to other investment instruments such as 15 years in a PPF or 5 years in a FD.

Higher Returns

ELSS generally gives higher returns to the investors as compared to other saving schemes such as PPF, Fixed Deposit, NSC.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you require a Demat account to invest in ELSS?
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Is tax-saving investment advice on Piggy free of cost?
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Where can I track the performance of my investments?
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What is the lock-in period for ELSS?
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How much tax can I save through ELSS?
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What is the last day to invest in ELSS to get tax benefits?
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Can I make a full withdrawal of my ELSS after 3 years?
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Where do I need to go to make my ELSS investments?
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Are there any fees or charges to use Piggy?
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Are ELSS good long-term investments?
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Can i invest in ELSS through a SIP?
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What documents should I furnish for my KYC?
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