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Essel Mutual Funds is one the leading financial sector companies in India and falls under the Essel Group. It was established in December of 2009 and is sponsored by Essel Finance Wealth Zone Private Limited.
The asset management company aims at taking a customer centric approach and follows a systematic methodology in investing.Essel Mutual Funds provide a host of schemes, under different fund categories and they invest in a diverse portfolio across various market categorization.
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Amc Launch Date
04 Dec 2009
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033 - 40185000
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H.O. 3rd Floor, 1, Chowringhee Square, Kolkata 700069, -
Benefits of investing with Piggy?
- Registered with SEBI, AMFI & BSE
- Paperless sign up and KYC
- Expert Financial Advisory Service
- Detailed Portfolio Analytics
- ZERO fees investment platform!
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Best Equity Essel Mutual Funds
Essel Mutual Fund targets to attain long-term capital appreciation by investing in the right equity securities, which can fetch good returns for its investors. In fact, most of its equity funds have been doing well in the market and has been giving consistent returns. Check out the list below to know which would suit your risk appetite.