HDFC Small Cap Fund Direct Plan

The HDFC Small Cap Fund is an actively managed equity mutual fund that carries a small-cap bias. The fund seeks to provide its investors high long-term capital appreciation through investments in equity and equity-related instruments of small-cap companies that have the potential to become tomorrow's market leaders. This fund operates in the relatively volatile, small-cap market segment of the market and, therefore, investors in this fund should expect high fluctuations in returns over the short term and have a high capacity for risk.
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Scheme Type
Scheme Category
Benchmark Type
S&P BSE 200
Scheme AUM (in Crs.)
₹ 5672.21
Expense Ratio
Scheme Class
AMC AUM (in Crs.)
₹ 334964
Min Subscription
₹ 5000
Min Addition Subscription
₹ 1000
(-0.94 %)
NAV as on 2019-01-18
Performance Info
The HDFC Small Cap Fund outperforms its benchmark within one year of investment. The optimal investment horizon for this fund is 3 years or more as it outperforms its benchmark and category by considerable margins. The fund has consistently outperformed its category and benchmark since 2017. A category average beta of 0.76 and a higher-than-category alpha of 8.62 demonstrates the capacity of the HDFC Small Cap Fund to provide its investors with higher-than-category returns while mitigating volatility risks. The HDFC Small Cap Fund saw its last fund manager change in June 2014.
HDFC Small Cap Fund Direct Plan
1 Year
3 Year
5 Year
AMC Details
amc launch date
Launch Date
30 Jun 2000
amc sponsor
amc email
amc phone
022 - 66316333
amc address
Ramon House, 3rd Floor, H.T Parekh Marg,,169, Backbay Reclamation,,Churchgate, Mumbai - 400020
Tax Implications
Short Term Capital Gain (Holding period < 12months):
17.16% - 17.94%
(15% + Surcharge @ 10%-15% + 4% Health & Education Cess.)
Long Term Capital Gain:
10% without indexation & without foreign currency conversion benefit + Surcharge @10%-15% + 4% Health & Education Cess
Taxation on Dividends:
(Dividend Distribution Tax is paid by the mutual funds and not by investors.)
Moderately High
Exit Load
Exit load of 1%, if redeemed between (0-1) years. No Exit load, if redeemed after 1 years.
Scheme Information Document (SID)
Read mutual fund scheme information document on AMC website to know fund information in detail.
To provide long-term capital appreciation /income by investing predominantly in Small-Cap companies. There is no assurance that the investment objective of the Scheme will be realized..
The HDFC Small Cap Fund is suitable for investors that have a high-risk appetite and are seeking long-term capital appreciation through investments in equity and equity related instruments. The ideal investment horizon for this fund is at least 3 years.
Fund Analysis
The fund originally an all cap fund (Morgan Stanley ACE) had been narrowed down to Small and Midcap and now to HDFC Small Cap. The fund has been managed by one of the best managers in the Mid and Small Cap segment - Chirag Satalvad whose stock selection ability has resulted in placing it in the top most funds since his joining in spite of a hefty AUM with more than 3000 crores.
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