Banking for Couples

Collaborate on your spends, savings, life goals & much more


We earn individually but live, spend, save together

So, here’s the thing! Banking was always designed for the needs of individuals. It made sense in a world where mostly one person in the family took money decisions . Not so true anymore! Both of us contribute now, and take important decisions together.
A home is for us. Expenses are ours. It’s our kid’s future. Healthcare impacts us both. Savings are for our family’s future. It’s time our banking addressed this.

Because our life should have less bickering and worries

A modern bank for two, so you can

Plan & track expenses, savings, loan EMIs and so much more as a team. Choose what to share.

Get a clear view of all your life goals. His, Hers, Ours. Achieve them together.

Be in sync with your household expenses to make better decisions.

Secure your partner's future, and give them easy access to your finances when necessary

You can start alone and move to collaborative banking as your life evolves

Much more than a bank

Our life is not just numbers and money. Money merely enables us to pursue things that matter to us. We're a tech startup building a bank that does more for you, beyond just finance. Things your bank could do but it never did.

Banking for two
Best things come in pairs

We’re building banking that is collaborative. We do the heavy-lifting, so that you can focus on your life together.