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10,707 Cr
HSBC Mutual Fund, established in May 2002, has an asset under management of Rs. 10621.84 crore as of June 2018.
The asset management company believes in providing well-engineered products to its customers and they also target on developing an adequate solution base for their client.
The motto of the company is to connect customers to companies, so that their investor community may prosper. HSBC claims to work in a goal oriented format to bring about the best possible financial services to its investors. In this regard, HSBC offers a wide array of mutual funds across various categories so that may appeal to investors irrespective of their risk appetite, investment duration and even salary.
With a global presence in 26 locations, HSBC aims to bring about the best possible investment service to retail investors.
amc launch date
Amc Launch Date
27 May 2002
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022 - 66145000
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317, D.N. Road,Fort,, Mumbai - 400 001
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Best Equity HSBC Mutual Funds
Hsbc Mutual Fund targets to attain long-term capital appreciation by investing in the right equity securities, which can fetch good returns for its investors. In fact, most of its equity funds have been doing well in the market and has been giving consistent returns. Check out the list below to know which would suit your risk appetite.
Best Hybrid HSBC Mutual Funds
Hybrid Schemes or balanced schemes bridge the gap between equity and debt schemes. This category is characterized by a portfolio that is made up of a mix of equity stocks and bonds and will suit investors looking for debt plus returns with higher levels of risk than fixed income schemes.