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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a kind of investment scheme offered by mutual fund companies. Using SIP one can invest small amount periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly) into a selected mutual fund. For retail investors, SIP offers a well disciplined and passive approach to investing, to create wealth in long term (using the power of compounding). Since, the amount is invested on regular intervals (usually on monthly basis), it also reduces the impact of market volatility. This calculator helps you calculate the wealth gain and expected returns for your monthly SIP investment. You get a rough estimate on the maturity amount for any monthly SIP, based on a projected annual return rate.

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6 Year
0 Month

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6y 0m

Benefits of investing in SIP

Disciplined approach to investing

Many people wait to invest in stock options by timing the market. However, this requires market knowledge, research, and technical analysis. If you are new to investing, an automated SIP is a great way to begin.

Take advantage of Rupee Cost Averaging

Since the amount invested is constant, one buys more units when the price is low and fewer units when the price is high. This means that the average cost is lower.

Simple and easy to monitor

You do not have to take time off from your schedule to check your investments. Plus, our dashboard makes it easy to monitor the health of your investments every month

The benefit of starting early

The key to growing your wealth is to start early and make regular investments. With SIPs, the minimum amount required to start an investment is very low, making it easy to start investing right away.

How does SIP Calculator work?

SIP returns are calculated according to compound interest. Enter the amount you wish to invest every month, choose the number of years you wish to continue the investment for, and our calculator will automatically calculate the amount of return. It will also show you a comparative study of your SIP return vs. other investment options like Fixed Deposits.

How to invest in SIP?

You can make monthly investments to your SIP account. Or, you can link it to your bank account to ensure that the deductions are made automatically.

How long should I invest in SIP?

There is no rule of thumb that dictates how long the SIP investment should be. However, on an average, a SIP for four years and above runs a low risk of loss. Short-term investments generally have higher returns but also come with a high risk of loss.

Is SIP safer than lump sum investments?

Yes! The investment market is generally volatile, and a lumpsum investment comes with the added risk of loss. Instead, it is always better to invest in SIPs. If the markets are high, you buy fewer units of the fund and if the markets are low, you buy more units for the same amount. This helps you ride out the volatility and earn better returns.

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